Below is a list of our 'Top Rated' strippers to hire when in Las Vegas and having
private strippers to your room for a Bachelor Party.

#1 Las Vegas Bachelor Girls

Las Vegas Bachelor Girls are on top of our list for good reason. They are the only fully licensed legitimate company in Vegas that provides private strippers to rooms on the strip. They background check and all of our reviews we have gotten on them have been really good! They have a large website with around 20 girls to choose from and are 100% legit. They are the only strippers in Vegas who use their real pictures too! The girls you pick from their website are the actual girls that show up! From the reviews on these girls we have received from bachelor parties, everyone has said the girls were super hot, super fun, naughty and they had a blast! We highly recommend these strippers in Las Vegas.

You can contact them at 702-826-8500. Visit their website @ vegasbachelorstrippers dot com!










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#2 Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers

Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers is our #2 Rated Private Strippers for hire in Las Vegas. From the research and reviews we have received, they are really, really good. They have pretty hot looking girls and put on a good show. Their website is easy to navigate and the girls are super fun too! You can contact them via phone at

702-964-7812 or visit their website at

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#3 Vegas Party Girls

Vegas Party Girls are a fairly new company in Vegas in the last couple of years. Their reviews have been really good & they do have ten or so girls to choose from. We are ranking them number three on our list because we have heard too many great things about Las Vegas Bachelor Girls and Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers so far. But we have heard these girls are hot so give them a try! They can be contacted at 702-822-0604 or checkout their website at  

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