Las Vegas Stripper Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

*Below are some of the more popular questions asked about Las Vegas Private Strippers*
Q: Is it legal to have Private Strippers to your room for a Bachelor or Birthday Party?
A: Yes it is. If they have the proper licensing by the City of Las Vegas & the State of Nevada
Q: Should we look on Craigslist in Las Vegas for Strippers?
A: Absolutely Not! Craigslist is NOT where you want to look!
Q: What are the advantages of having strippers to our room over going to a strip club?
A: There are MANY reasons to do this. ONE - You can provide your own booze & don't have to pay those Outlandish prices! TWO - There are so many girls working that it becomes a battle for your every dollar and girls will actually argue over talking to you because they need that money from you to pay house fees etc. THREE - Strippers to your room are usually fully nude which you DON'T get in a club in Vegas! FOUR - It is way more intimate of an experience. You have 500 guys watching you get a lapdance vs. getting a private dance in your own hotel room!
Q: What company should we use to get private strippers while in Vegas?
A: Our #1 choice for private strippers in las vegas is the Las Vegas Bachelor Girls
Q: How many girls should we get for our Bachelor Party?
A: You should hire ONE girl for every 3-4 guys at your party.
Q: Is it safe to have strippers to our room?
A: If they are fully licensed and verify or screen their girls. There is currently only two groups of girls in Las Vegas that are fully licensed, does drug screens & background checks on all of their strippers. They are the Las Vegas Bachelor Girls and the Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers. Their websites can be found on our TOP RATED page here.
Q: How long does a stripper party last?
A: Usually an hour or more! If anyone says less than that they are NOT legit.